{ask away<3>} Those who fly solo have the strongest wings.


I used to love my room and he took it from me. Psycho Derek.
I really thought if we just fought back, like, if we attacked our attacker,
that he would go away but he hasn’t.
- It’s really gonna take
some time, Peyton. You guys went through
something really traumatic.
Yeah, but what if you have finals and you can’t sleep and you don’t have time?
- Well, then, hopefully, you have a friend who’s gonna tell you that life
kicks you around sometimes. It — it scares you and it beats you up.
But…there’s a day when you realize that you’re a warrior. You’re tougher than anything it throws your way.

And you are, Peyton. You are.

Come lie with me. I wanna talk about nothing with someone that means something.
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